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Themed celebrations have gotten a bad rap recently. Say "I'm having a theme wedding" and most people will grimace. They will automatically think of guests in garish costumes, outrageous décor, and convoluted ceremonies.

But it doesn't have to be as crazy as all of that. When we sit down with a new client, we often ask them to come up with a theme for their celebration. We're not necessarily asking them to painstakingly recreate their favorite TV show or historical time period (though ideas like these can also be fun and definitely add lots of personality to a wedding!).

Instead, when we ask for a theme, what we are really asking for is a unifying idea that brings the whole celebration together. This idea can be as simple as a color scheme—perhaps the most traditional and popular theme—or something special and iconic to the couple, such as starfish, an Irish Trinity knot, or their stylized initials.

Once chosen, a thematic idea is incredibly helpful throughout the planning and decision process. It's so easy to get overwhelmed by the sheer volume of choices, so it's nice to have a place to start. If you have a theme, you can narrow your focus and carry your ideas through every aspect of your day, from invitations and menu cards to floral arrangements and customized favors.

Your theme also lets your guests know the style, tone, and even the formality of your wedding. For instance, a beach theme evokes colors of the sea, breezy dresses, and casual elegance. A royal theme calls to mind jewel tones, formal clothing, and formal opulence.

Far from being limiting, your theme can help you express who you are as a couple. Don't be afraid to pick something unique, exciting, and meaningful to you both! Feel free to play with different variations on your theme, and be as general or as specific as you want to be—not every single item must match the theme exactly. Even subtle hints throughout the design will give the wedding a cohesive feel.

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