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For many couples, photography is one of the most important aspects of their wedding day. After all, your entire day can go by so incredibly quickly, and it's wonderful to have gorgeous images of your wedding to look back at later. Photos also preserve all of the work, effort, love, family, and celebration for years to come, so you can share it together for the rest of your life and show it with future generations.

But wedding day photos aren't the only images you can invest in. Here are a few considerations for creating even more beautiful souvenirs of this time in your life.

1. Videography - Wedding videos today aren't like they were in the past. With new developments in editing and video capture, you can have a veritable "movie" made of your wedding day. Some videographers even shoot in HD, and they bring Hollywood-style equipment and lighting to get all of the angles, swoops, and cinematic touches that can make your wedding video look like something out of a silver screen love story. Plus, a good videographer can do it all unobtrusively, as well as work with the photographer to cover all of your most amazing moments.

2. Engagement Photos - Many photographers offer discounted engagement photos if you book your wedding with them, so take advantage and get creative! This is your chance to show off your personality, your humor, and your love—and since it's just the two of you with no distractions, sometimes these pictures can be even more artistic and heartfelt than your wedding day pics. Be yourself!

3. Boudoir and Pin-up Pics - What better way to surprise and delight your groom than to give him some sexy—but classy—pictures of you? Play the bombshell and glam it up...dress up in your loveliest lingerie or swimsuit and have a great time showing off those curves! You can either get these taken on your own, or even make it into a bachelorette party and have all of your girls get dolled up and do their own photo shoots. For example, we adore the girls at Pretty Things Productions. Bettina and Amy will show you how to make yourself into a real retro pin-girl and give you a glamorous photo shoot of your own! You can be sure that your husband-to-be will absolutely love his gift...and he'll be counting the hours until your wedding night.

(Article photo courtesy of Lisa Rhinehart Photography. Lisa is an amazing photographer and can be reached through her Web site and on her Facebook page.)

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Hi ladies!!!! We got back from our honeymoon yesterday and I just have to thank you again! My wedding was a perfect dream and I can't thank u enough!!