Advice | Scintillating Centerpieces!

Whether you go with understated elegance or extravagant opulence, decorations are a big part of the look, feel, and mood of your reception. Centerpieces for your tables are the most front-and-center of these decorations, since you and your guests will literally surround them for hours while you eat, drink, and talk. Here are a few ideas to make your centerpieces really shine.

1. Prop centerpieces. Who says you have to use all flowers, or even any flowers at all? Raise a few pretty and/or meaningful items on cake stands or glass platforms: memorabilia from shared interests, souvenirs from vacations you've taken together, family mementos, or location-themed items.

2. Same color, different shapes. Not all of your centerpieces have to be exactly the same. Try similarly-colored bottles or vases of different sizes and shapes or flowers in the same color family but different heights.

3. Natural accents. Even if you use some flowers, try throwing in some unique natural touches. If it's a winter wedding, use pinecones and pretty reaching branches. If it's a beach wedding, try seashells, sea glass, starfish, and sand dollars. Or add in unusual plants like succulents, fresh herbs, or even cacti!

4. Potted plants. For a more rustic, natural look, use potted plants instead of cut flowers. Send them home with your guests, so they can plant them in their own yards as a lasting reminder of your wedding.

Not only will interesting centerpieces add mood and excitement to your decor, but they give you one more way to express who you are as a couple. And isn't that truly the centerpiece of your wedding day?

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